The 30 € entrance fee includes all day admission to the club. You may also leave FKK Safari to run errands and return later - just inform our reception staff.

The day ticket includes towels and freshly disinfected bathing shoes as well as a drink voucher worth 10€.

We provide soap gel in the shower. You may borrow a hair dryer at the reception. 

Direct visits ("Quickies") to the room are 20 €.

Couples are welcome - the entrance fee is 80 €.

We recommend to rent a safety box (located right next to the reception) for your valuables as we do not accept any liability for the lockers in the changing room. The deposit is 20 € and you get fully refunded upon return of the key.

Drink vouchers are available at the reception in 10€ and 20€ units. The bar staff accepts drink vouchers only.

We offer moderate prices:

- Soft drinks / Sodas (2,50€)
- 0,33l Beer (5€)
- Longdrinks and Cocktails (7,50€)

The voucher you receive with the admission upon entering the club is only valid on the day of issue and the following day. Any vouchers you buy seperately are valid indefinitely. 

Our Monday special:
Free admission with the purchase of a 20 € drink voucher!

Special Events:
We regularly organize exciting events and theme nights. The price for admission might vary, depending on the event.